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By Magpie
Dec 12, 2017
Overall Rating
Good looking lamp, but I agree, it's a set it n forget it sort of deal, it's not made to work like a task lamp.
I saw a couple of reviews saying the lamp arms only move laterally, but they also swivel. At the base of each joint there is a tiny hex screw. The lamp comes with the appropriately sized key. You back the screw out JUST ENOUGH to allow the joint to swivel, not enough to completely remove the screw. You'd think I knew better about these things by now, but sure enough, one twist too far and it's behind the headboard and I'm regretting everysingletime I've seen that magnet on a telescoping rod at Harbor Freight and walked on by without picking it up!
But I digress - back to the review - the only reason I gave this 4 starts instead of 5 was they put the danged on/off switch in the middle of the cord instead of on the lamp base. It seems most users will be putting this next to their beds with the cord behind the headboard if they aren't doing the wires in the wall thing.
Alexa, turn off master bedroom light!
By Evelyn
Jan 1, 2019
Overall Rating
Got this for my 9 year old daughter as a reading light over her bed. She loves it. Simple to install and adjusts in multiple positions.
By Jacklyn
Jan 1, 2019
Overall Rating
Good product.
By Jessica D.
Sep 9, 2018
Overall Rating
This is a beautiful lamp, well made and heavy. Haven't hung it yet because I'm getting a stud finder to make sure I hang it from a good support. Looking forward to finally having a good reading light in the bedroom, one that doesn't take up floor space.
By Customer
Jul 7, 2018
Overall Rating